Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bike Commuting News for January 26

Wyoming State House Defeats Bicycle Safety Bill

The Wyoming state House defeated a bill today that would have required motorists to stay at least 3 feet away from bicyclists they are passing on the road. The measure fell one vote short of the majority needed to pass the House.

Ride on in winter: More bicyclists than ever are refusing to be snowed under by the challenges of winter commuting.

Minnesota riders talk about their challenges and what keeps them going. They report getting to the office feeling mentally and physically sharper. Some people think that bikers have to be a little crazy to be out in the winter. The bikers respond that if they're crazy, so are the skiers, snowmobilers, dog-walkers and everyone else who refuses to spend winter cooped up inside.

Calgarians too scared of traffic to commute by bike

Calgarians want to cycle more often to work or school but don't because they are too scared of traffic, according to a telephone poll of 750 city residents. 19 per cent of city residents reported they already ride at least once a week. Results also showed that more people would commute by bike if there were dedicated lanes.

Edinburgh politician under fire for claiming expenses for bike commute

A councillor in Edinburgh has been criticised for legally claiming expenses for a 12-mile return trip from his home to the Scottish capital’s City Chambers. No one seems to mind when he claims the expenses when he drives...

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