Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bike Commuting News for February 2nd - Snow Day Edition

Along with most of the Mid-West, I'm snowed in. There are several winter riding stories in the news:

Even with the cold winds, icy roads and slushy splash-back, wintertime biking can still be more pleasurable than taking the TTC

Every day, no matter the weather, Andy Loza mounts his bicycle in front of his Lemoyne home. If the temperatures are in the teens, he wears a heavy coat, scarf and gloves. If temps dip below 10 degrees, he’ll add a balaclava to cover his face.

Despite record snowfalls, chaotic parking restrictions and buried bike lanes, Downtown cyclists say this year has been one of the best for winter riding

And ... from down south:

Mobile has exactly one street with bicycle lanes, a 1½ mile stretch of Hillcrest Road, according to the city’s planning department. A section of Old Shell Road features a wide sidewalk on one side, meant to serve cyclists and pedestrians, but it runs for only about a mile.

Traffic engineers say that more and more road projects in the city will include features that serve pedestrians and cyclists.

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